Andrea Butler
Visiting Professor

Native language: English
Other Languages: Korean-- Intermediate German-- Beginner
Currently living in: Korea (South)
Skype name: Andrea Butler

  Let me tell you about myself.

One of my strengths as a teacher is online writing classes. If you are interested in improving your writing and need topics to study for a specific English test, send me a sample of your writing and we can determine together what your writing goals are and how you would like to improve on your skills.

I am also available for phone conversation classes for a variety of levels. Perhaps you are a beginner student who is going to study abroad and you would like to practice basic skills such as going to the bank or ordering food. This would be a great way to do that! Perhaps you are an advanced student who would like to have topic discussion on current events or a topic of your choice. This would be a great opportunity for you! I am listed on Skype, so contact me by email if you are interested.
Also, learn more about me on My address is

Please contact me for more information.